Our success in Czech Republic

In the year 2010 we bought and sold an old castle in Prague, Podkova str. 7. The buying of the building was difficult, with big legal problems, but we resolved them and due to tenders we bought it. The deal lasted one year.

In the year 2011 our company reconstructed this castle on a turnkey. We accomplished all the documentation and constructional part of the project. We plan a hotel opening in the castle in march 2013. At the same time, on the land belonged to the castle we implemented all the bureaucratic procedure and started a building of a complex which includes brewer, restaurant with a terrace and SPA salon.

In the year 2012 we selected, bought and leased a building in the center of Prague, in Masná str. 9 for our companions. At this moment Italians are renting the building and exploiting it as an apart hotel with a restaurant. We also work with the documentation of this building for its reconstruction and completion with a restaurant on the roof. Selection and buying lasted 8 months.

This year we and our companions bought another building and a plot of land in the center of Prague in Krakovská str. Selection and buying lasted 6 months. At this moment we work on the documentation for reconstruction and structural addition of this building. The addition includes a three-level parking place, a two-level SPA salon and two floors of apartments. The project is planning for three years on a turnkey.

Our perspective in Czech Republic:

Buying and building of a development project in Prague (Prague-4). It is going to be a residential community which consists of four six-storeyed housings with commercial premises.

Buying of a building in the center of touristic Prague for leasing.

There are no questions in our competence which we can't answer in Czech Republic. We'll consider different proposals.




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